Respite care is the term for a short stay in a care home. There are many reasons why someone might become a temporary care home resident, including for recovery from a stay in hospital or times when a caregiver might be away.

Respite care can help to provide flexibility when it comes to looking after your loved ones, allowing carers the peace of mind to be able to take a much needed break. At Evermore, respite care doesn’t have to be a one-off stay. Your loved one will be able to return to a friendly home and familiar faces whenever the need arises.


Should I feel guilty for using respite care?

Absolutely not! As Carers UK points out, it’s incredibly important for those who care for their loved ones to take the time to rest. Taking a break can help to prevent carer burnout – mental and physical exhaustion which can lead to symptoms including anxiety, fatigue, and high blood pressure, to name a few.

You may be worried about your loved one’s reaction to the suggestion of respite care. At Evermore, we’d encourage involving your them from the start of the process to help ease both your worries. Why not visit the home together, explore the facilities, and make the stay something to look forward to? Gaye Clarke, our Commissioning Director, has found that respite care can be a great opportunity for residents – as well as carers – to have a valuable break: “it’s a chance to meet new people, enjoy a change of scenery and try out some new activities and experiences.”

Quite often, respite residents decide to progress to a long-term stay. Some have made the decision after a previous short-term booking, and some have decided to stay during their respite admission. We’ve found that it can feel less daunting for both the resident and their family to make this decision once a short stay at the home has settled any worries. As stated by the wife of one resident, “My husband began 4 weeks respite [earlier in the year]. He settled well, enjoying lots of different activities and the excellent food. As he was happy, we decided he should stay permanently in the best place for him. The staff are all lovely and caring, whilst keeping me informed.”

At Evermore, you can rest assured that your loved one’s needs will be taken care of fully. From medication to mealtimes – those staying for the short-term are given the same exceptional care as full-time residents. As Gaye says, “with our expert carer assessments in place, we can provide the highest quality respite care breaks.”


What will a short stay at an Evermore home look like?

Every short-term resident is assigned a named key worker and given their own private bedroom, which they’ll be able to decorate with photographs, mementos, or ornaments that will make the room feel more like home.

The admissions journey is the same for respite residents as it is for those staying long-term. From day one, your loved one will be welcomed into home life – encouraged to socialise with other residents and take part in activities such as quizzes, bingo, and even armchair exercise classes.

No facilities are off-limits to our respite residents, so your loved one can take full advantage – exploring the gardens, visiting the salon, or relaxing in the cinema room. Between all this, they’ll be treated to fantastic food, prepared by our in-house chef.


How do I pay for respite care?

Respite care can be paid for directly to the care home. However, there are funding options available for those who qualify for some extra support.

Following a couple of assessments which consider yourself and your loved one’s circumstances, your local council may help to pay for respite care if you are found financially eligible for funding.

Charities including the Carers Trust and Turn2us may also be able to help.

The NHS website has some great resources on respite care payment options, as well as links to the assessments you’ll need to undertake if you choose to pursue council funding.


Interested in respite care?

If you’re considering a short-term stay for your loved one, why not book a visit to one of our homes? You can also take a look at what our residents are getting up to over on our Facebook page.

If you’d like to understand more about respite care, read our full Q & A with Evermore’s Commissioning Director Gaye Clark.