Getting Involved with Life at the Home

At Evermore, we understand the importance of creating a varied and cheerful lifestyle for our care home residents. That’s why we have dedicated lifestyle coordinators to ensure that your loved one’s individual interests are met.

Why are activities important?

There are many reasons why regular activities are important to a resident’s wellbeing – the most apparent being to provide structure and avoid boredom, which can in turn lead to feelings of depression. On similar lines, activities which encourage socialising with other residents can help to prevent loneliness. Physical health can also be aided with activities such as dancing, gardening, or games.

For those who require dementia care, regular activity is even more crucial as some dementia patients may withdraw from socialising, often due to low self-esteem. Studies also suggest that some activities — such as puzzles or storytelling — may help to reduce a decline in cognitive function.

What activities do we offer?

Our dedicated team of lifestyle co-ordinators ensure there’s never a dull moment in our homes. At Ashton Manor – our care home in Lancaster – residents can attend regular activities including bingo (with prizes!), quizzes, and board games. In addition to the regular schedule, our residents have also been enjoying armchair exercise classes, sing-alongs, and craft sessions including “Knit and Natter”.

One resident’s daughter commented, “I can’t believe the change in mum. She looks so well and is taking part in so many different activities, some that she hasn’t done in years.”

To ensure everyone’s passions are met, your loved one can request activities using suggestion boxes within the home. There are also regular meetings where residents can review recent sessions and suggest improvements.

How we tailor to your loved one’s individuality

Although we make sure that activities are based on resident requests and feedback, your loved one may wish to explore an interest outside of the group. In these cases, residents are given one-to-one sessions to develop their passions with a member of the lifestyle team.

We also offer reminiscence work for residents with dementia. In these sessions, a team member will help a resident go through old photographs or recall information – such as memories from an old job – with the aim to improve mental wellbeing.

As noted by a member of the lifestyle team, “it’s all about getting to know residents and what they like and working with that.”

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