It’s easy to spot Conner, he’s the one walking around Ashton Manor with a huge smile on his face!

He’s a hit with residents and staff alike, Conner’s role as Senior Carer is vital here and he settles for nothing less than top quality care.

Talk us through you background in care, was it always something you wanted to do?

A career in care interested me from a young age, both my Nan and Grandad had carers and I loved to see the smiles on their faces after the care team had visited. From then on, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

So, I started the day after my 18th birthday! 10 years down the line and I’ve covered every aspect of care, it’s so rewarding. It’s been tough through lockdown as many residents couldn’t see their families for months, having a strong relationship with those who work at Ashton Manor has really helped them through. I see the residents as my second family, and we are theirs.

What attracted you to working at Ashton Manor, how does it differ from other care homes you’ve worked in?

I’ve worked here since it was scaffolding, I’ve literally seen it develop from the ground up! But, I don’t see it as a care home, it’s a manor, the features here go miles beyond standard homes. We’ve been involved in some incredible on-the-job training to help us get to grips with the high-tech aspect of providing care.

We have QR readers on each bedroom, the staff scan it as they enter the room so we always know exactly who has been seen to and when. Our residents still want to be independent – and the technology here aids that – we’re able to offer independence, with a safety net!

The residents agree that it feels more like a hotel. Because Ashton Manor is brand new, it has bespoke design running through it everywhere, which really makes a difference to how we manage things.

Out of all the care homes I’ve worked in, it’s top of the list!

What does a standard day look like for you?

There’s no such thing as a typical day at Ashton Manor, every day is different, which is part of the reason why I love working here.

Some aspects roll over day to day, such as checking the handover sheets, speaking with the Chefs, the medication round, and checking in with the Doctor or District Nurses.

After we’ve completed all the formal parts of our shift, we’ll tend to the residents to make sure they have everything they need, even if it’s just a chat.

Of course, there’s daily activities going on all the time, so we all get involved in those. Our new lifestyle coordinator has been brilliant and hosted a range of fun things for everyone to take part in.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Ashton Manor?

Because I’ve been here since the start, I’ve watched the residents build relationships with each other and it’s wonderful to see. Trust also quickly builds between carers and residents and that’s so important to our role. ‘Trust’ is a big word in care, and it must be respected.

It’s been great working with all the different teams here as well. We’re running a huge operation, and everyone has a part to play. I personally love being hands on, I like being out on the floor and interacting with others. Working at Ashton Manor has made all that possible, they’ve given me a clear route for progression and provided specialist knowledge training so I can continue building my skills.

How do you help new residents settle at Ashton Manor and why is it important for you to get to know them individually?

We greet everyone with a happy smiley face. It’s vital that we make sure they feel comfortable coming into the home for the first time, so we give them lots of reassurance. We know the world outside is a bit doom and gloom, but we do everything we can to create a positive atmosphere in the home.

Getting to know the residents on an individual level helps us understand their needs and wants more. It’s called person-centred care and I’m all for it! They have their own routines and care plans, and no one is forced to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Respite care is becoming increasingly popular, why do you think this is?

Respite care can be a lifeline for some families. They just need a break from being a carer and that’s where we step in. Given the current situation we’re offering respite on a 4-week minimum, but that may change in the future. The respite residents get involved in all the activities, mealtimes and meeting new people, which is always lovely.

It’s a great stepping stone for some residents, they treat it like a holiday! We find that most people that come for respite want to stay longer and will eventually move in. Offering these short stays helps the residents overcome apprehension about moving out of their house.

The family looking after them get to focus on other things as well, so they appreciate these interval stays as well.


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