A Warm Welcome to Our First Resident at Astley View

In the heart of Chorley, a momentous occasion has unfolded at Astley View. We were delighted to this week announce the successful move-in of our very first resident. This marks a special chapter in the story of Astley View, embodying our commitment to providing not just a care home but a warm and vibrant community for our residents.

Allow us to introduce you to Diane Wallbank, a remarkable individual with a wealth of experiences and a heart full of warmth. Hailing from Chorley, Diane’s journey is a history of community engagement and a passion for people. From running a Brownie pack with 24 children to serving as a councillor for Euxton Parish for a decade, Diane’s life has been dedicated to connection and care.

Diane shared her excitement, saying, “I didn’t expect the reception I had today when I was welcomed to Astley View. I have never cut a ribbon in my life, and to cut the ribbon at Astley View and be the first Resident is amazing. There are already other residents moving in this week, so I can’t wait to meet them. The staff are all so friendly, and it’s an honour to move in, it’s so luxurious. They’ve pulled out all the stops for me, and I’m delighted.”

The community at Astley View is buzzing with excitement as we celebrate Diane’s arrival. Our team, dedicated to creating a nurturing environment, is eagerly anticipating the shared laughter, stories, and shared moments that will fill the corridors of Astley View.

Christina, our Home Manager, expressed her joy, “Welcoming Diane to Astley View is a moment of immense happiness for all of us. Her vibrant spirit and rich life experiences will undoubtedly add a unique charm to our community. We are committed to ensuring that Astley View is not just a residence but a place where each individual feels a sense of belonging and comfort.”

Astley View is not just a care home; it’s a haven designed to cater to the unique needs of each resident. Diane’s move-in reflects our commitment to personalised care. Christina added, “Astley View tailors care plans to each resident’s unique needs by completing a thorough preadmission assessment. Diane’s transition is a testament to our focus on not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our residents.”

The ethos of choice permeates every aspect of life at Astley View. From communal dining experiences to tailor-made activities, residents actively participate in decision-making, fostering a sense of belonging and community. The community spaces, including galleried cafe/bistro and landscaped gardens, are designed to bring the outside in, creating an environment that promotes well-being and joy.

As we celebrate Diane’s successful move-in, we invite you to share in this moment of joy. Diane’s journey at Astley View has just begun, and we are so excited to start welcoming the rest of our residents to Astley View.

For more information on the unique and vibrant community at Astley View, press the ‘Enquire Now’ button to get in touch with our friendly. Join us as we embark on this journey of care, connection, and community at Astley View.

Blue Light Brunch: Ashton Manor Thanks our Local Heroes

At Ashton Manor, we are in constant admiration of the tireless commitment and dedication our local healthcare and emergency service professionals exhibit every day. We understand the sacrifices they make, and we believe it’s high time their endeavours are recognized and appreciated. With this sentiment at heart, we’re excited to launch the “Blue Light Brunch” – a token of gratitude for our local heroes throughout the month of August.


Every Wednesday, between 9:30 AM and 11 AM, we invite paramedics, firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals to join us for a complimentary breakfast roll and a cup of coffee. You can simply walk in – your uniform is your invite!

Our very own home manager, Joanne, shares, “This campaign is a small way of showing how deeply grateful we are for our local heroes. At Ashton Manor, we strongly believe in community support and unity. We also believe that recognition and appreciation are instrumental in uplifting spirits. We hope the ‘Blue Light Brunch’ brings a smile to our heroes’ faces and lets them know how valued they are.”


We at Ashton Manor are not just about providing excellent care to our residents; we are also committed to fostering strong community connections and upholding our values of respect, integrity, responsibility, and excellence. And this event is an extension of those values, a testament to our belief in celebrating those who ensure our safety and well-being.

We invite the local community to help us spread the word about this event. Let’s come together to show our unwavering support for our healthcare and emergency service professionals.

Join us in saluting our local heroes. We look forward to welcoming you every Wednesday in August for the “Blue Light Brunch.”

Let’s make this August a month of gratitude, appreciation, and community spirit!


Bridging the Generation Gap: A Campfire Sing-Along at Ashton Manor

There’s something uniquely timeless about the warm glow of a campfire, and the cadence of voices raised in song. It’s a universally cherished tradition, one that easily bridges divides, be it age, race, or creed.

At Ashton Manor, we recently had the opportunity to experience this time-honoured tradition within our walls, and the result was nothing short of magical. The home, already well-renowned as a ‘Carehome.co.uk Top 20 North West‘ care home, played host to an animated group of Guides from the 6th Morecambe pack. But this evening wasn’t just about nostalgia; it was about building connections, sparking conversations, and creating an unforgettable evening full of laughter, shared stories, and song.

At the helm of this unique event was Joanne Tyson, the manager of Ashton Manor, and a guiding force both literally and figuratively. As the Guide leader herself, she was perfectly positioned to facilitate this evening, using her knowledge of Guiding to break the ice and bridge the gap between the young and the old.

Joanne, a local to the area, is no stranger to community engagement. She takes immense pride in her community and is passionate about integrating Ashton Manor into the local fabric. This event was a testament to her commitment, highlighting the genuine compassion and dedication she brings to her dual roles.

Our residents at Ashton Manor, accustomed to high-quality care and a myriad of engaging activities, found this particular event truly special. As they sipped on hot chocolate, savoured marshmallows, and joined in the chorus of familiar songs, their faces lit up with the joy of reliving cherished memories. Their stories from their own Guiding and Scouting experiences, narrated with enthusiasm and vivid detail, were a source of awe and inspiration for the young Guides.

One of the visiting Guides, ten-year-old Layla Pearcy, expressed her joy at the opportunity to interact with our residents. For her, it was not only about giving back to the community but about the thrill of learning history from people who had lived it. Her excitement and the residents’ animated storytelling added to the vibrant atmosphere, making the evening a resounding success.

This intergenerational event wasn’t just about reminiscing; it embodied the person-centred philosophy that Ashton Manor upholds. Here, quality residential and dementia care goes hand in hand with fostering an environment that encourages connection, promotes wellbeing, and values community engagement. It’s what sets us apart, and it’s a core part of our mission as we prepare to expand our footprint with the opening of Astley View, our new care home in Chorley.

Ashton Manor is more than just a care home; it’s a thriving community that brings together residents, our team, families, and local communities in a rich tapestry of shared experiences and mutual support. The success of our campfire sing-along evening reaffirms our belief in the power of community engagement, in the magic that
happens when you bridge the generation gap, and in the
beautiful harmony that rings out when generations raise
their voices in song.

As we move forward, we’re excited about creating more such opportunities for interaction and engagement. We’re committed to crafting memorable moments that not only enhance the lives of our residents but also enrich our broader community. And most importantly, we’re dedicated to keeping the spirit of that magical sing-along evening alive, reminding us that at Ashton Manor, we’re all part of one big, harmonious family.

Meet Christina, Astley View’s home manager.

We’re excited to introduce Lancashire-born Christina, our newest addition to the Evermore family, who has taken on the role of home manager at Astley View. Her person-centred approach and passion for providing the best possible care is inspiring and perfectly mirrors our values at Evermore. With 20 years of experience in elderly and dementia care under her belt, she will be spearheading the management of Astley View, our new Chorley care home. We sat down with Christina to find out more about her values and vision for Astley View. Let’s see what she had to say!

How do you think you can make an impact at Astley View?

I’m looking forward to bringing my decades of experience and my passion for offering the highest quality care for our residents to my new role at Astley View. My real passion is working in the dementia care sector and this is where I believe I can make a real impact. Having managed dementia care homes for the past 10 years I’m excited to bring my wealth of experience and knowledge to Astley View in order to make a real difference to the residents I care for, their loved ones, and my team. I’m keen to bring the community into the home and ensure that our residents continue to be a valuable part of it.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

The best thing about my job is meeting the truly incredible and inspirational people that cross my path. It is an honour to play such a vital role in the lives of others and to learn about what makes them who they are. I love being part of a team who are on hand 24 hours a day to offer expert support for those in need. A lot of the people we care for have lived lives that some of us can only imagine, hearing their stories and memories is such a privilege and the reason that I do what I do.

What are you most looking forward to about the new home?

As a Chorley-born girl myself the introduction of a brand-new state-of-the-art care home in my hometown is even more special. I’m looking forward to watching the huge benefit Astley View will have on both residents and the wider community. The home brings a wealth of opportunity for both the people who are seeking outstanding care facilities in Lancashire and for those looking to work in a high-quality care home for an amazing company who value and support their team. We offer an excellent level of care, ensuring the residents have everything they need and more by working closely with their loved ones so they can rest easy knowing their family member is safe, comfortable and cared for. It’s exciting to see everything come together – our marketing suite is open now and we’re planning to start welcoming residents and families to the home early this Summer.

What’s your vision for Astley View?

My vision for Astley View is to create a home where each resident will receive individualised, bespoke care suited to their needs supported by compassionate staff who work autonomously and sensitively. I know that Astley View will be an outstanding place to work and live, where residents and staff will work together in partnership to create an atmosphere of warmth and respect. I am passionate about making every day a great day for both our residents and our team. I’m excited for the future of Astley View and know that as we move forward and grow, we will still offer the high-quality level of care that you can expect from Evermore.

What are the qualities you look for when recruiting for the Astley View team?

It’s important that new team members share Evermore’s values of well being, community and freedom and of course our passion for excellent person-centred care. I’m looking for people who understand their responsibilities in making residents feel safe, valued and part of a family. Education and qualifications are of course important but they’re not everything. We’re looking for warm, caring people who we can develop and nurture to be the best carers they can be. Our team provide comfort and dignity to people in their care so we’re looking for compassionate carers who want to make a difference. I’m passionate about supporting, developing, and championing my team, giving them every opportunity to learn and grow and encouraging them to be the best possible version of themselves. This allows us to work collaboratively to provide the very highest quality of care.

Why should others choose a career in care?

Working in care is an incredibly rewarding profession and is a vocation that will bring you a sense of pride, immense job satisfaction and the opportunity to make an impact on someone else’s life.  I’ve found that working with the elderly generation has opened my eyes to the lives and needs of others and has gone on to serve me well in both my working and personal life. I have learnt so much about work ethic and integrity and have also received a lot of comfort, care, and support from them. I believe it’s a true privilege to work in a role that supports people in maintaining their independence and improving their daily lifestyle and wellbeing.

Evermore make the care of their team a priority. I feel I am a valued member of the team and I know that they’re looking after me both professionally and personally. They nurture their team from within, ensuring everyone is offered opportunities to develop, specialised training possibilities, funding for care qualifications and they cover professional membership fees. There is a real family-feel to the culture where everyone’s voice is heard, respected and acted upon.

Head to our recruitment hub to find out more about joining the team

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that our Ashton Manor care home in Lancaster has been named one of the top-rated care homes in the Northwest, having been named in the Carehome.co.uk Top 20 Care Home Awards for 2023. We’re beyond excited, after having won this award back in 2021.

If you’re not familiar with the award, the Top 20 Care Home awards are run annually run by the UK’s most popular and respected care home listings website. The prestigious award names the top 20 most recommended care homes in each region across the UK. The care homes in the running are reviewed on a range of criteria including care and support, facilities, cleanliness, activities, food and drink, safety and security and value for money.

Our fantastic Home Manager Joanne says “Ashton Manor’s unique atmosphere is a testament to the pride and dedication of the staff members, who are committed to providing the best possible care to each resident. A person-centred approach to care is the foundation of the home’s success. This approach starts from the initial engagement with potential residents and their families, ensuring they feel welcome and understood.”

Director Syd Coombes is thrilled by the news, “Firstly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to the people that make achievements like this possible, our wonderful team. Their passion and commitment to caring for our residents is unmatched. I feel extremely lucky to have a strong team at the heart of Evermore Care Homes, from our dedicated staff, to our brilliant leadership team.”

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our exciting journey. We’re still growing and thriving, with big plans on the horizon, especially with the opening of our new home in Chorley. We can’t wait to see what’s next for us!

The journey of living with dementia can be challenging, not just for the individuals affected but also for their loved ones. As we explore various ways to enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia, one simple yet powerful activity has emerged as a beneficial pastime – cross-stitch. This traditional form of needlework has proven to be more than just a hobby; it offers numerous advantages for those battling dementia.

Cognitive Stimulation:
Cross-stitch requires concentration, attention to detail, and pattern recognition, making it an excellent activity for cognitive stimulation. By engaging the mind, cross-stitching can help to slow down cognitive decline and maintain mental sharpness.

Fine Motor Skills:
As dementia progresses, maintaining fine motor skills becomes increasingly important. Cross-stitching involves intricate hand movements and can help individuals preserve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Relaxation and Stress Relief:
Engaging in a repetitive, creative activity like cross-stitching can calm the mind. The rhythmic nature of the craft can provide a sense of relaxation and help to reduce anxiety, which is particularly beneficial for people living with dementia.

Social Engagement:
Cross-stitch can be a social activity, allowing individuals with dementia to connect with others who share their interests. Cross-stitch can foster conversation, bonding, and a sense of community, whether in a group setting or with caregivers and loved ones.

Sense of Accomplishment:
Completing a cross-stitch project provides a tangible result, allowing individuals with dementia to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. This boost in self-esteem can be precious for those whose daily activities have become limited due to cognitive decline.

Creativity and Self-Expression:
Cross-stitch allows individuals to express themselves creatively, regardless of their cognitive abilities. Choosing patterns, colours, and designs can provide a unique outlet for self-expression and personal fulfilment.

To support our community of caregivers, loved ones, and individuals living with dementia, we have created a collection of cross-stitch patterns featuring the picturesque landscapes of Chorley. These delicate and quite complex designs will not only offer a challenging cross-stitch experience but also serve as a connection to the beauty of the outdoors.

To access these free Chorley-inspired cross-stitch patterns, please click here:

Evermore 4 free Cross Stitch Patterns

Incorporating cross-stitch into the daily routine of people living with dementia can profoundly impact their overall well-being. Individuals can experience cognitive stimulation, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment by engaging their minds and hands in a creative and meaningful activity. Moreover, cross-stitch offers opportunities for social engagement and self-expression, fostering a sense of connection and personal fulfilment. Let’s embrace this traditional craft as a valuable tool for enhancing the lives of those affected by dementia and rediscover the joy and therapeutic power of cross-stitch.


Important terms and conditions about this competition

This bit may look a bit long and less interesting, but it’s really important to make sure you know all the rules, so you know what to expect. Ask an adult (your parent/guardian, teacher etc.) to explain anything you’re not sure about.

Make sure you tell your parents/guardians that you are joining in our art competition, show them this information and ask them to submit your entry on your behalf.

  1. Entry form must be submitted to cumming@active-pathways.com before 28/02/2023
  2. A photo of your completed artwork submitted by 03/03/2023
  3. Submitted artwork must be signed off by parent/guardian in order to ensure authenticity.
  4. No incomplete or late entries or those not in accordance with the entry instructions will be accepted. No responsibility can be taken for entries lost, damaged or delayed either by post or computer transmission error.
  5. Entrants must have the permission of their parent or guardian to enter. Evermore Care Homes requires the consent in writing of the parent or guardian of the author of a winning entry to publish that winning entry and the author’s name, age and town or city of residence. If Evermore does not receive written consent from the parent or guardian of the author of a winning entry Evermore reserves the right to select an alternative winner, as a result of reasonable efforts to contact the original winner being unsuccessful.
  6. The prize will include the winning artwork to be displayed in new luxury care home Astley View with first place receiving an Amazon voucher with the value of £100, second place receiving an Amazon voucher with the value of £50 and third place receiving an Amazon voucher with the value of £25.
  7. The winning entrant must be willing and able to assist with promotion of the care home including appearing on television and other media, social media and websites, including through video and image.
  8. The name, county and photograph of the winners may be used by Evermore its associated companies for publicity purposes. The winner agrees to comply with a reasonable request to provide a photo of themselves with their prize and to allow Evermore to use their name and likeness for advertising and publicity purposes without additional remuneration.
  9. Only one picture per entrant will be permitted. Designs will be considered by a judging panel. No entries submitted on behalf of a club can be accepted.
  10. Entries must be original and not a copied design.
  11. In consideration of our agreeing to allow you to enter the competition (the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by you) the piece of artwork remains the property of the care home, however the artwork can be requested back after a minimum period of 6 months and the author is responsible for collecting the piece in agreement with the care home manager.
  12. Shortlisted pieces of artwork will be displayed in the one of the new wings at Astley View for families and friends to view.
  13. Prize winners will be invited to a prize giving ceremony.
  14. The decision of Evermore in all matters shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  15. Entry implies acceptance of every one of these terms and conditions.


To celebrate the opening of our new, state-of-the-art care home, Astley View, in Chorley in spring 2023, we are on the hunt for the perfect pieces of art to take pride of place in the home. We know that Lancashire’s got talent and so we wanted to give budding artists a chance to create a piece of artwork that reflects our favourite county.

Are you up to the challenge? We’re tasking you with creating a piece that represents Chorley or Lancashire. You can use any medium you like from watercolours to charcoal; it just needs to be on a A3 landscape canvas. Let your inspiration run wild!

The winning pieces will be displayed at the new Astley View site in January where family and friends can view the shortlisted entries. A first, second and third place will be selected for both primary and secondary school entrants.

Notes for teachers:

This artwork can be completed in or outside of school. It could be a great focus for an art lesson or a creative project, but it can of course be completed by students independently at home. We’d love it if you could encourage as many of your students as possible to get involved in showcasing their talents and celebrating the county. If you have any questions at all, from yourself or on behalf of your students, please get in touch. We’re really looking forward to seeing what your students can do!


1st place: £100 Amazon voucher

2nd place: £50 Amazon voucher

3rd place: £25 Amazon voucher

Entry requirements

  • You must be in primary school years 3-6, or secondary school years 7-11.
  • Your artwork should represent Chorley/Lancashire
  • A landscape canvas using tools of your choice


How to enter


  • The judging panel will review the photo’s of the pieces of art and shortlist entries after the closing date.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be sent an email inviting them to exhibit their artwork at Astley View, (date in March to be confirmed) and family and friends will be invited to view the artwork
  • Following the exhibition, the judging panel will select the winners

Notifying winners

  • Winners will be notified by email and will be invited to a prize giving event with their families
  • The winner and their family will be invited at a later date to a special event when their artwork will be mounted on the wall.

You can send your artwork and completed forms below to: Evermore Art Competition, Strawberry Fields Digital Hub, Euxton Ln, Chorley PR7 1PS


If you have any questions about our art competition, please contact us at: stuart.cumming@active-pathways.com




In spring next year, we will be opening the doors of our brand new £15m state-of-the-art care home in Chorley, Lancashire. Astley View has been a real labour of love for everyone at Evermore and has been specifically designed with our residents, our team and our environment in mind. From our use of durable materials to encouraging biodiversity in our green spaces and recycling, we have worked hard to ensure our home is sustainable and designed to give our residents and team the best quality of life possible.

In the design and construction phases we worked closely to BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) specifications in order to build a home that was as sustainable and environmentally conscious as modern materials and construction economics would allow. We’re sure our future residents, team members and local community care about their impact on the planet as much as we do and hope that achieving a Very Good BREEAM accreditation will go some way to demonstrating that care and places us in the Top 25% of non-domestic building in the UK. Lastly and definitely not least, we wanted to create a comfortable and vibrant working and living environment for our residents and team – a place they are happy to call home!

What elements did we focus on?

Selecting the Right Materials

When building Astley View, we wanted to maximise material efficiency and minimise environmental impact where we could. We used resilient and durable materials to reduce the need for replacement and therefore limit waste. From the structure itself right down to the flooring and doors the entire site has been made to last. This durability makes life easier for everyone. Our team know they can put their all into providing our residents with the care and quality time they deserve, and our residents can sleep easy knowing the home is sturdy and will be for years to come.

It was important for us to take the carbon footprint of the entire site into consideration when building Astley View which means we had to consider where energy was consumed at every stage right down to production of the materials that we sourced and used. Every material has what is known in the trade as ‘embodied energy’ which in a nutshell is the amount of energy it takes to produce that material. So, for example concrete has high embodied energy so we wanted to reduce the use of it at the site which is why we opted for a steel structure which in itself is recyclable when the building is replaced in 50 years time. Selecting and sourcing materials considered by BREEAM to be environmentally conscious meant that we were able to create a home whose very foundation is considerate of not only our team and residents but of the planet as well.


Part of the accreditation involves assessing energy usage throughout the home from the use of energy saving lightbulbs to slightly more complex systems such as solar shading. This innovation allows us to absorb as much light and heat from the sun as possible during the dark and cold winter months and then come those rarer sunny days it provides the home with some much-needed shade. This makes for a cosy and comfortable home for our residents and a cool working environment for our team. It also means we can cut down on our energy consumption and costs so everyone’s a winner!


In order to give ourselves the best chance of acing the BREEAM accreditation we needed to make sure that we were considering waste at every stage of the home. Aside from limiting waste at the actual construction phase and during the maintenance of the home we also wanted to provide ways residents and the team could help us by doing their bit. We have therefore included full recycling stations in all dining and kitchen areas and there is an external refuse area to allow the separation of waste material.


It was important for us to choose a location for Astley View that had good connections to public transport and cycle routes so that it was easy and accessible for staff and visitors. You will find us a short walk from Chorley train station, there is a bus stop directly outside the home and there are traffic-free cycle lanes enroute. At the home itself we have built in storage areas for bikes, electric vehicle charging points and car sharing spaces. We hope that this encourages both our team and visitors to use more environmentally friendly transportation and reduces heavy congestion around the home which is more pleasant for our residents.

Land use and ecology

The outside space and gardens have been a real focus and giving our residents and team easy access to beautiful green spaces was a priority. We know the benefits to mental and physical wellbeing of spending time outdoors and so creating various spaces for staff and residents to enjoy was a must. Our galleried café opens up onto a magnificent corridor of trees and our landscaped gardens provide a serene oasis for a breath of fresh air. For our residents who are keen gardeners there is also the opportunity to get involved in the maintenance of the garden which can work wonders on the mind and body. The inclusion of these green spaces also encourages biodiversity in our local environment and of course helps to reduce CO2 levels.

Health & Wellbeing

Even during the design and construction processes we have been considering the health and wellbeing of our team and residents. For our team we wanted to ensure that we made their job as easy as possible by providing them with innovative solutions and by creating a comfortable environment for them to work in. The team have a dedicated team area that covers three levels and to make it easy for them to move around the home with bulky trolleys. ‘Views out’ assessments are also carried out in areas where team members may be working for longer than 30 minutes to ensure we are making bright rooms with views of the outdoors for them to work in. Glare control assessments have also been conducted to highlight any rooms where there is a potential for glare on computer screens or TVs. Blinds can then be fitted and allows our team to crack on with their desk duties and residents to enjoy an afternoon film!

Why is a good BREEAM rating important?

BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. The aim of the programme is to minimise the environmental impact of buildings by ensuring sustainability best practices are put in place. A good BREEAM rating was so important to us when building Astley View because we want to support our planet, our local community, our team and our residents in every way. Constructing a home in a more environmentally conscious way has also allowed us to create a space that is fit for purpose and comfortable for the team and residents. At Evermore we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and achieving a good BREEAM rating is just the icing on the cake.

In the case of Astley View, Chorley council set us the challenge of achieving a ‘very good’ rating for the home and we feel we have gone above and beyond to do just that.

At Evermore we firmly believe that what’s good for the planet is good for our team and our residents which is why we were really keen to get Astley View BREEAM accredited. By working with a specialist team of designers and architects we have managed to create an environmentally conscious and green home that is also comfortable and welcoming for our residents. Somewhere that they can truly call home!




We are proud to announce that our Ashton Manor care home in Lancaster has been recognised as one of the top-rated care homes in the North West, having been named in the Carehome.co.uk Top 20 Care Home Awards for 2021.

carehome.co.uk Top 20 Care Home Award

The annual awards, run by the UK’s most popular care home listings website, names the top 20 most recommended care homes in each region across the UK. Just under a year since opening, our state-of-the-art home, Ashton Manor, has been recognised based on reviews from residents, and their families and friends, ahead of over 1,800 homes in the region and is the only care home in Lancaster to feature (there is no ranking within each region). Carehome.co.uk reviewers have rated homes based on a range of criteria including care and support, facilities, cleanliness, activities, food and drink, safety and security and value for money.

Reacting to the exciting news, Evermore Care Director Syd Coombes said:

“We are delighted to be recognised as one of the top-rated care homes in the North West. Our ethos at Evermore is to deliver the highest standards of care, while providing a lively and stimulating place for our residents to call home. To be recognised by our residents’ families and friends as doing just that is a proud moment for everyone at Ashton Manor.

Opening a new care home during a global pandemic is no mean feat, and I’m personally extremely proud of the hard work and expertise shown by our dedicated care team as they have navigated ever-changing and challenging circumstances while providing the best quality care and environment for our residents.

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write a review of Ashton Manor on carehome.co.uk – not only do your reviews help loved ones to find the perfect home for their relatives, but it’s also so rewarding for our team to read what a positive difference they are making to our residents’ lives.”

What our residents’ families have said about us

Here are just some of the wonderful reviews our residents’ families have left for Ashton Manor. You can see all our reviews on our carehome.co.uk page.

“After reading so many positive reviews we visited Ashton Manor to check it out for ourselves. We were not disappointed. From entering the newly built home, meeting the manager, and being shown around we soon realised we had found the right care home for Mum. All rooms are modern and of high specification, the staff are very friendly and caring, the food is excellent, the daily activities varied and interesting, and the lovely, enclosed garden is a very pleasant outside space for residents and visitors to enjoy. Mum is happy and well looked after at Ashton Manor.”

SC (resident’s daughter)

“When it came to that time, looking for care for Mum was a daunting prospect. As soon as I spoke with the manager from Ashton Manor I just knew it was going to be right. I was welcomed to view the home at my convenience and as soon as I walked through the door it confirmed my feelings that this was the perfect place for Mum. Modern, clean, beautiful decor, and a warm welcoming ambience. This home takes a person-centred approach to caring. Each resident is treated as an individual with specific likes and needs. Nothing is too much trouble. I am kept informed and up to date regularly by committed and caring staff. I and the rest of the family feel so relieved that Mum is safe and cared for in such a lovely, environment.”

Julia F (resident’s daughter)

“Ashton Manor is like a 5-star hotel with the best technology. The carers and staff are absolutely fabulous and dedicated to the care of the residents, whilst keeping relatives fully informed. I cannot praise my dad’s carers enough, they bring the best out in him and make him very happy. There are excellent daily activities to suit all residents and their needs. I would definitely recommend Ashton Manor to anyone requiring respite or permanent care.”

Julie S (resident’s daughter)

Book a visit to Ashton Manor today

If you’d like to see Ashton Manor for yourself, one of our team would love to show you round so please get in touch with us on 01524 566 007 or enquiries@evermorecare.com to find out more and arrange a visit.