If your loved ones have reached a point where they are struggling to look after themselves, you may have asked yourself: “should I move mum/dad into a care home?” countless times, and have immediately been hit with pangs of guilt about even considering making the move.

Recognising that professional care is a valid and empowering next step, certainly doesn’t negate the wonderful care you have provided so far.

It is important to remember this is your life, and it’s okay to admit that you have other commitments, whilst needing to feel confident your loved one is receiving the best care possible. There should be no feelings of inadequacy or guilt when the time finally comes to seriously consider moving a loved one into a care home.

Living in an environment created for memory loss helps residents living with Dementia to thrive

We know you have done all you can for you loved one. Think of memory care as the next step to help them live a fuller life. Here at Ashton Manor, we have the perfect environment for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia. To ensure we are providing the best possible care, every resident has a personalised care plan created when they arrive, which takes into account their individual needs.

The whole first floor is home to residents living with the condition, and as a dedicated Dementia support space, it is thoughtfully designed with features that help trigger memories, whilst safely supporting residents who may feel confused.  Special areas include a train station ‘staged’ outside the lift, which helps give residents a sense of place and acts as a way-finder. We’ve also created a train carriage sun room, where images that may help trigger happy memories are projected onto the train ‘windows’, helping conversation to flow.

Your loved one will benefit from meeting others in the community and have access to top-quality care without relying solely on you and your family.

Focus on quality time with Mum and Dad

There is no shame in admitting that you are exhausted. Caring for someone is demanding and can cause a strain on your mental, social and physical wellbeing.

By moving your loved one into care, it can actually open the relationship. You can focus on spending quality time with them rather than taking on the stressful aspects of providing care.

Plus, you can still be a member of the caregiving team. You are not giving up or abandoning them, your extensive knowledge about your family member helps us build their care plan, and you will be kept up to date with their activity via social media and newsletters.

Making the move can help decelerate decline

No one can predict or control health, let alone the future.

But you can put the steps in place so your family member is in the best possible place should their condition deteriorate.

At the moment, you might be solely responsible for late night toilet trips, providing healthy meals and making sure they are taking the right medication. And these are just some of the responsibilities that occur around their day-to-day activities like exercise, doctors’ appointments and haircuts.

We are able to offer round-the-clock care with innovative technology that causes less disruption to everyday living, and Paul­ – our Head Chef is on hand to whip up nutritious meals which can be tailored to individual tastes. Meanwhile, our brilliant care team look after loved ones like their own family, and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Respite care can make the transition easier

If the time still doesn’t feel right, or you would prefer a ‘step-by-step’ transition, respite care is a great way to cross that bridge. Shorter stays can assist when you want to take a holiday, experience the facilities or just have a well-deserved rest. Our respite care package offers the same high standard of care and attention to detail that long term residents enjoy. Everything in their routine will be taken care of and they will always be made to feel at home. The majority of our short-term residents enjoy their time here so much they want to stay longer!


Hear more about what we have to offer by making an enquiry, and our friendly team can help you with any further questions.