Covid-19 Important Information

At Evermore care homes we want to ensure that we are following the appropriate guidance issued by the relevant Government bodies in relation to Covid-19 and in doing so ensure we take the necessary measures to protect our residents, team members and visitors to our care home. We also want to provide assurance to yourselves in relation to the steps we are taking to maintain our care and treatment programmes as much as possible during this unprecedented time.

In line with Government guidance, our care homes continue to implement a number of measures to maintain the safety of our staff, residents, visitors and our local community. We are pleased to share that newly admitted residents will no longer need to self-isolate upon arrival if the home manager is satisfied local guidance from the Director of Public Health about community transmission of variants of concern has been followed.

In order to maintain, review and progress resident care and treatment programmes, we will facilitate meetings required remotely where possible. We do however facilitate face to face meetings and support contact with external professionals when required to support our residents physical and mental health needs. To do this we follow the required COVID-19 testing guidance and have implemented a number of additional measures to enable us to do this safely.

Business Continuity Plans

We have robust business continuity plans which identify all potential aspects of the business that may be affected during this time and we continue to update this in line with new guidance and on-going developments. These include reviewing and monitoring our teams and staffing levels and having a clear plan in place for worse care scenario situations.


Maintaining contact between our residents and their family remains an on-going priority for us as we recognise the importance and positive impact that family contact has for those we support. We have therefore developed flexible visiting procedures which may vary depending on guidance and other internal and external factors; our aim remains to keep our care homes accessible but also safe.

Our care homes continue to follow the relevant testing and PPE procedures for both our team members, visitors and those we support. Infection Control and thorough risk assessment remains an integral part of our current procedures in order to keep those we support and the wider community safe.

Please be assured that our aim is to continue to provide a safe and caring environment for our residents and one that maintains our high-quality standards in relation to care and treatment

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on (T) 01524 566 007

Keep safe and thank you for your on-going support.